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Mechanical Engineering

Job outline and prospects

Technicians of the field of study machine technology work competently and independently in trade and industry as an executive. In industrial enterprises various tasks are open to them primarily in all technical functional areas like construction, development, manufacturing engineering, production planning, production, quality management, but also areas like service or sale.

The task field is exceptionally versatile and demanding. By independent work a high degree of responsibility and independence is achieved. The skilled crafts industry, planning offices, service providers or the like are the potential employers .

With the additional acquisition of the instructor qualification the technician can also apire to an activity in VET.

Main training emphases

On the basis of your preliminary training (skilled worker tier) you are familiarized with new technical and methodical knowledge ; this will open new potential career opportunities  to you. This extended technical expertise also leads to a personality development with regard to resilience, decisiveness, team-related and organisational competences.